Hair Extensions

Real Hair

All extensions are made 100% with human hair (no synthetic)


No silicone or chemicals are added, which makes hair look natural

Tape-In Extensions

About the hair

Double Drawn

The shorter hairs are removed to leave you with thick and full extensions

How should I care for my hair?

Do not wash hair extensions for 48 hours after application

Sulfate-free products must be used with tape-in hair extensions

Moisturizing products are recommended since extensions do not produce natural oils and therefore are prone to dryness

Do not use conditioner directly on the tabs - only from midshaft to ends

No heavy brushing

Never use heat tools directly on the tabs

High ponytails are not recommended for the first week after installation

Tabs will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks

Hair extensions can last up to a year, if well cared for