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What do You Worry about?

Levels of Biblical Learning // Holy Spirit

Jesus made a promise to us. He said that God would send the 3rd part of the Trinity- who knows what that is? Holy Spirit!

The 3rd part of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that we get once we're saved starts living inside of us. It helps convict us when we do wrong, teaches us, comforts, leads, strengthens, and seals us to God forever!

It's easy to worry and be tempted in the world, but just because we have the Holy Spirit inside of us doesn't mean that we get a free pass to the bad in the world. Sin is the cause of all the bad things in the world. We were also promised by Christ that we'll suffer through difficulties. But be reminded that, because we have the Holy Spirit of God, He is always with us comforting us, opening our eyes to God's character, and giving us strength to continue doing God's will.

The P O I N T > When your life is centered in Christ, everything else falls into place.

Please read Matthew 6:25-27

Okay, let's set the stage here. Jesus is talking to a multitude, which means A LOT of people! These verses are apart of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount message. It is perhaps the most well-known sermon ever preached. This sermon includes practical truths related to life and faith, as well as dealing with the many worries we face. In your free time, you should go back and read the rest of chapter 6!

If we focus on the world more than the Word, here's what's going to happen. When things happen and they don't turn out like we thought they would, we start a seed of worry in our minds. We start seeing everything with a taint of anxiousness.

Have you ever felt anxious for something? I remember I went to a concert one time and 10 minutes before the music started they displayed a countdown and man, I was a nervous wreck!

When we focus on Christ, everything changes. Your vision changes, literally. You'll start seeing things with a completely different view! If things go well, you're grateful. If they don't, you are comforted with knowing that God is in control and can use these challenges to help you grow!

Worry means > giving way to anxiety or unease; allowing one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.

Please read Matthew 6:28-30

We tend to worry about a lot of things. When our focus is on the physical rather than on the spiritual, we end up with the wrong state of mind. And that leads to anxiety and worry.

Jesus is trying to tell us that life is more than food and clothing.

However, when we struggle with challenges, simply throwing away worry is kind of impossible. But who spoke these words in verses 25-30 in chapter 6 of Matthew? Jesus. Who is God's Son. Our Creator, the One who put the stars in place, who controls the ocean, who holds the world in the palm of His hand.

I teach another Bible study group on Thursdays and we went over the 3 Omni's of God. One of them was Omnipotent. Which means that God is all powerful.

It's easy to see all the little things that add up make us worry, but that's because we don't see the big picture like God does. We choose to focus on what we see with our physical eyes, and then we fail to trust God as we should. But Jesus reminds us, we have a heavenly Father who takes care of the birds, and the flowers, yet He loves us more than these. Even though we sin and make mistakes, God the Almighty, who definitely has the power to take care of us- values us deeply. So, why should we worry?

Please read Matthew 6:31-32

Without Christ, our minds are consumed with living the American dream- having the best and being the best. We look for identity and meaning in the things of the world. Great shoes, popularity, and talent in sports, etc. These things aren't bad, in fact they can actually be a good thing... when we use them for God's glory.

But when we use what we've been given for our personal gain and value, we will only hunger for more. And sadly, these things will never satisfy completely.

In verse 32, it talks about "Gentiles eagerly seek all these things,"it's talking about all those who don't believe in Christ. It's a secular/lost mindset to worry.

When we place our faith in Jesus, we are trusting that He will meet our earthly needs as well as our spiritual needs. Our earthly needs/physical needs, such as water, food, clothing, shelter, etc. He also meets our greatest need. Because of our sin, we are separated from God and deserve death. So God sent Jesus to pay our penalty, aka our punishment, our price. We could never truly pay for our own sin. Without Jesus, we would have endured God's wrath for eternity, but God loves us. He sees something valuable in us. So He made an escape plan through His Son-Jesus Christ.

Here are some verses that I want to read to you guys!

Psalm 66:18-20

Because of Jesus, we can trust that God hears our requests.

Psalm 50:10-11

Because He own, "the cattle on a thousand hills," we can trust He will provide.

Lamentations 3:25-26

Because He always pursues our best interest, we can trust He will take care of us.

If there is a problem, it's with us. It's usually a faith problem. Worry is simply a product of not trusting in God. The good news is we do not have to remain faithless! When we experience God's faithfulness, our trust in hIm grows and our worries tend to disappear. So get to know Him more and you will worry less!

Question > When has God provided for you in an unexpected way?

I remember I was working at Dinner Bell one night and I met this woman who came through our double doors in the entrance of the restaurant. It was really difficult for her, but it was probably because she was pushing a walmart buggy full of stuff inside! I've seen a lot of odd things, working in the public, but this was the first time I saw a person bring in a shopping buggy into a restaurant before!

I greeted her like I would anyone, but I kept my eye on her as she wandered around the gift shop.

My main job was to make sure no one stole anything inside the gift shop, since there were a lot of expensive things in there! So, as I was subtly watching her just walk around and look at stuff, she caught my eye and came over to the counter where I checked out people.

We talked a bit and she asked me if I went to school, and where I lived, etc. Just basic questions that anyone would ask me. At the time, I was praying that God would give me more hours or something to be able to pay for that monthly school payment coming up. I just didn't have enough and I was starting to worry about it. I tried to not stress over it, but the time was coming that I knew I needed to either ask for more hours at work or get another job.

Long story short, the buggy lady, sat down to eat and parked her buggy full of her belongings beside the table. I remember she ate only a small bowl of beans. An hour later I checked her out and then I tended to the next person in line. There was a big line forming up and I was really concentrated on checking everyone out and getting their change back to them. But in the middle of checking this big family out, the buggy lady tossed something over the counter. I looked down and saw... guess what I saw??

A $100 bill!

I was in shock! I picked it up and looked at the buggy lady who was by now trying to push her cart out of the doors to leave. I rushed to her and said, "this is yours." But she said, "use it for school" and left. I was in awe. I was shocked. God provided the exact amount of money I needed to complete my school payment for the month. And He used a homeless woman to do it.

I still think back on that moment and praise God for teaching me something about worrying. God is faithful. He will never leave us, if we put Him in the center of it.

Please read Matthew 6:33-34

When we seek things, most often we think of looking for hidden things. When Jesus says, "seek first," the word He used was zeteo. Zeteo means to desire or crave. But, desire/crave the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.

We are not seeking something hidden, we are pursuing the things God has clearly revealed.

When we worry, there is literally no benefit whatsoever. A lot of things we worry about never happen, and all the worry was for nothing. In tough challenges, instead of making it better, the orry usually makes it worse. Jesus taught us that we are to refuse to worry about tomorrow. It won't help! Instead, we should think about right now, today, settling our hearts on Christ.

This doesn't mean that if we seek God wholeheartedly, we will get whatever we want- at least, not in earthly sense. In many parts of the world, there are believers who truly love Jesus and live in poverty. Yet, they still look to Him because God is taking care of them with spiritual provisions.

Jesus also, didn't say we should not plan for the future. We can still have goals and things to look forward to, but we shouldn't worry about them. We are to be diligent about preparing for what may come and put ourselves in a position to honor God for our whole lives. God is in control over our now, He is in control over our past, and our future.

All people seek joy and fulfillment. God hasn't hidden it from us, instead He's made it available through Jesus! If we set our hearts and trust in Him, we will get more than any other earthly treasure will ever give to us. We can trust in God to take care of us and everything else in our lives.

Faith = Belief + Trust + Action

In order to overcome worry, confess the areas which you struggle to trust God. List your worries and then cross through each one as you pray to give them over to God. Allow Him to begin working in you.