I Almost Died on a Roof

Okay, let me explain why I was on a roof in the first place.

At the time, I was staying at a camp for a mission trip in Eastern Ky. I had just got done eating dinner, and I was leaving the dining hall. All of a sudden I hear, "Anna, come up here!"

I turn around to the voice that sounds like it's right above me and see, hmm, let's call him Jim. ;) So, Jim keeps trying to persuade me to join him and his friends up on this roof!

Of course, we all know that I went up on the roof. But before I did, I must inform you that I normally don't climb on top of roofs for fun. In fact, I am the most basic and boring person that you will ever meet. However, it is a secret dream of mine to look at the stars on a roof. I blame all those ya novels. My opportunity came, and I took it!

Jim climbs off the roof to help me up, because I am a struggle bus. Once I climb up, I put my legs over the top ridge and wow. The stars are incredible.

As we casually all lay down on the side that is looking over a deeeep cliff. Yes, I said cliff. Eastern Ky is pretty mountainous, can I just say. But there I was laying on a roof staring up at the stars and it was amazing. Until I had to leave.

When everyone was ready to go, I pulled myself back up to the very top and tried swinging my legs around to the side of the roof that we got up on. But as I swung my legs I tilted backwards and started to fall to my death.

At this time, I was thinking "oh my gosh. I'm going to die. On a roof." Once I thought, well this is it! Jim lunged forward to catch me. I don't recall someone actually touching me, but at that moment I was kinda preoccupied in my thinking. So, let's just pretend that he did. And then after we all calmed our heart rates down a bit, I slid to the gutters and as I took Jim's hand to get off, my foot got stuck.

And bye bye gutters.

I'm not going on another roof again for a while.

I hope you enjoyed yet another snippet of my life!