I Can Never Go Back to My Favorite Coffee Shop

I really can't go back. I've embarrassed myself too far to ever redeem myself.

I love going to this UnNamed coffee shop, because it's relaxed and cozy, as well as modern with the perfect amount of industrial vibes to it.

If you know me well, you know I drink coffee every day. I wouldn't call myself a coffee snob, but I'm quite close.

One day, my dream is to open a salon and coffee shop together. Wouldn't that be great? I'd give you a discount if a hair ends up in your mug. ;)

So let me explain the title of this post.

I was meeting with some friends that were going away for college. We had sat down and one of the girls didn't get any creamer in her iced coffee. So, I offered to go get her some. Everything went smooth there, until I had to walk back and spilled most of the creamer out of her cup. After wiping it up with 3x3 inch square napkins, if you'd even call them that, I walk back and sit down. We start chatting again and laugh off that small moment of embarrassment. Little did I know that I was about to embarrass myself far worse.

Eventually, this guy walks in and he has a long haired companion with him. My sister, who was also there, gave me a look like I should turn around. She knows my heart when it comes to long haired guys. *swoon*

But after sneaking a peek at the guys ordering at the counter, I recognize the tall guy that was with him. He sang at our church at a revival once before, and I followed him on Spotify after hearing him because he was really really good!

So I turn back around and I tell the girls who he is. We all kind of nonchalantly take sneak peaks.

They take a seat at the table right beside ours. And I don't mean to keep looking at their table, but I'm the one facing it as I'm chatting with the girls, so I can't really help not looking.

I'm going to give Spotify guy a fake name, let's do James.

So James keeps looking at our table as well, because he's facing our table in a similar way as me. After the 3rd time making eye contact with James, he decides to get up and come to our table. He then says, "hey guys, I wanted to invite you to this launch thing" and then he goes on to explain that it's for a church that is new.

THEN, he looks at me and asks how we know each other, because "we made eye contact several times," and he said that I looked familiar. Obviously I know who he is, but it's comical that he would know me.

Here's why I can't go back into my favorite coffee shop of all time.

I tell him that he came and sang at my church in the past. And he asks for the name of my church, and then he talks about how "oh yeah, I remember!"

Looking back, I should've stopped there. But you know that I didn't.

"Yeah, I followed you on Spotify!"

7 MONTHLY LISTENERS. 5 of them are probably his family and then there's me this random girl.

Here's where it all goes down. My friends looked at me like, "did you just say that??"

Well. Get ready.

"I noticed you came in and I was low-key fangirling!"


James responds with, "Ohhh!!" And backs away slowly to bump into the table and run out the door.


No, he just had this look on his face like, "oh my gosh. She's a stalker" And then asked for our names and politely left the table to finish his coffee with his long-haired pal.

So you see, I can simply never go back because if I do, what if he's there again? He'll more than likely run out the back door screaming "Stalker girl!! Ahhhh!!"

I'm laughing out loud as I write this! 😂 I hope you enjoyed this little bit of my life!