IG 2020 Planner for Hairstylists

Finally, here it is! I have made a content planner for my fellow hair artists!

It's so important to me that every stylist posts their work online! Since it's a new year, I believe more than ever our business can grow even more now that everything is basically online now. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most of all your posts!

Post on the days you work

It's best to try posting on the days of the week you normally work, that way clients get the idea of your schedule without having to ask!

Post intentionally

Find out the best times to post by your IG insights! It's the best way to know exactly when my followers are most active!

go to your profile > settings icon > insights > audience

Post with a theme

Try to strategically post pictures that look similar or have the same background. This will be more appealing to anyone who looks at your profile as a whole.

Check out the content planner created just for you!

I don't know about you, but I work typically 5-6 days a week. Depending on how much you want to post, you can hold some of these posts for the next week.

Day One - hair picture

Make sure you capture that perfect shot of the drop-dead-gorgeous balayage you just painted! Remember lighting is key!

Day Two - your station

Your station should sum up exactly what you do. Maybe you don't have a good station or perhaps you don't have a station at all. Maybe place some retail products in view and snap a pic! Or some of your favorite products and share how you use them!

Day Three - angled hair shot/or just a different looking hair picture

Get a fun shot! Position your client in a different angle and get something totally different!

Day Four - hair picture

Posting more hair pictures will bring in more clientele! Don't forget to post those hashtags!

Day Five - selfie/about me picture

Your audience should know exactly who you look like! Don't be shy! You are your business, and people should be familiar with who you are.

Day Six - hair picture

Another hair picture! Change it up a little with having your client run their hands through it, or maybe tuck one side behind her ear!

Click to download Week Two!

Click to download Week Three!

I hope this helped my hair babes out there!