I can't believe it's 2020! Looking back through the decade I can remember bits of memories.

Memories of late-night drives listening to music, all the random hiking trails I begged to go on, the rodeo in Cody, Wyoming, the south side of the Grand Canyon, the day I started beauty school when my sister prayed over me, the birds that were flying alongside the canyon river in Yellowstone, the beautiful moments that were real and deep with friends talking all night. the roof in Harlan, the coffee shop that stole my heart, the days when time just stands still and the days that never seem to end. I remember when I cried over silly little things and laughed till I cried about silly little things too. Lilly ponds. The sunrises that never cease to amaze me. The summers that bring back the smell of sunscreen and taste of sonic slushies. Sitting in my dad's lap, asking Jesus to come into my heart. All the books that I love. Christmas adventures with my cousins in the woods. The best homemade meals that my mom makes. Graduation day, birthdays, and trips, and so much more.

Memories are what make you, well, you. So don't forget them. Remember them, friends.