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The Secrets to Boost Your Instagram

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Are you ready? Here are the secrets to boost your Instagram! I've been using these tips for the past year and I've seen incredible results! I hope that you learn some new tips and tricks to increase your engagement on Instagram!

The average person stays 3 seconds on your profile.

Which means that your content needs to be visually attractive and inviting.⁠

Taking good quality photos is the first step to a good picture. People can tell when it’s a high-quality picture and when it’s definitely not.

I recently took an IG class on the 2019 Algorithm. And because I love you people, I'm going to share some of the things I learned in the class!

Posting something is better than not posting anything.

Nooonoooonooo! Posting without thinking first is a bad, very bad idea. Don't get me wrong, posting is great. And obviously you need to post things for people to see. Instagram is now boosting content that has better quality pictures instead of some pictures that may have a higher like count.

What do you mean when you say good quality??

The secrets to good quality pictures are... drum roll please.

Let me explain!

First off, valuable content is pictures that get the most feedback in your audience. Test out the waters, see what your followers like the most. And that doesn't mean the highest likes.

Pictures your audience actually wants to see will change the whole ballgame. Ask yourself this: do you post for you or your audience?

Good pictures. All right folks. It all boils down to this. I am not a photographer, but I try really hard. If you really want good pictures you're gonna have to go through the extra effort too.

What are you using for your pictures? Is it a old phone?

When snapping your photo try to get it in the alliance of the Rule of Thirds.

What the heck is that?!?

The rule of thirds is a "rule of thumb" or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, paintings, and photographs.

Your background is also equally as important. Do you have distracting items in the background?⁠ What about trash and cluttered items?

Every picture should have the main subject as the centerpiece. If there are distracting items in the background it’s going to pull attention away from your work.

The more followers you have the better you are.

I was that person that believed this. I sometimes still am. But guess what? The number of followers you have does not define you. Instagram actually cares more about your engagement rather than your follower count. Say whaaaat?

Your engagement is determined by how many people actually react to your posts. If they comment, share, save it, etc.

Make your Instagram be like everyone else!

Question, why are you using your Instagram? Is it for you to stalk yourself? Does it give anything back to the eyes that are seeing your feed?

Focus more on the people than the posts. Create a goal to post more usable content than just posting to make yourself feel better.

I am the first one to say I am sooo guilty in just posting stuff because, "oh it's cute."

Make your Instagram be unique, because there are too many people trying to be the same thing in this world. We don't need another Barbie. Everyone has beauty to share.